International School: Sound and Sounscape // Design for Risk Reduction – 4 -15 September

Sound and Sounscape // Design for Risk Reduction

Soundscape design, sound studies, and acoustic engineering are not new and yet still can be considered innovative when it comes to disaster mitigation as well as risk awareness and risk reduction. The aim of the school is to reflect on how sound can shape public spaces in the wide context of risk – be that warning, healing or mitigation. Participant will be encouraged to incorporate sound design to their proposals for turning evacuation points provided in L’Aquila by the emergency management plan into dual spaces suitable for emergency as well as everyday life.

The school is dedicated to graduate students and graduates in architecture, urban design, planning, engineering, geography, geology, sociology, environmental as well as business and political science.
Some seats still available. People interested should send an email at .

The school has no registration fee but participants will have to bear the cost of accommodation, meals and travel.
At the end of the course a certificate of attendance will be issued.

Contact email:

Upon the evaluation, the most innovative project will be awarded.
Upon the termination of the school, a certificate will be issued. All projects will be exhibited. ECTS value of the school will be assigned according to national standards.


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